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We’re calling for the lettings industry to take on apprentices…

This summer The Letting Partnership welcomed apprentices Jake Collins, Millie Draper and Chloe Smith to the team and our clients have already been giving us exceptional feedback about them.

Our apprentices are supporting our business in its next phase of growth as we expand to meet the increasing demands for outsourced client accounting and Client Money Protection services from the lettings industry.

Millie Draper, Chloe Smith and Jake Collins are hard-working, intelligent and full of enthusiasm for their new jobs.

It is an absolute privilege to support them in their new careers and to provide them with a good working environment where they can learn and grow professionally.

Sometimes businesses can be reluctant to take on apprentices – perhaps they think it will be too expensive or take up too much of their time.

Our experience proves otherwise. Our apprentices are already supporting the Client Processing Team and are working independently. They have been processing client accounts, liaising with agents on the phone and by email and carrying out day to day jobs, while working towards Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeships. Our apprentices are playing a significant role in supporting our plans to expand.

” I am feeling very positive about my career “

– Chloe Smith

We first started taking on apprentices in 2016, beginning with John Westwood who passed his apprenticeship and then worked his way up to promotion in June this year as our Client Induction Lead with full responsibility for onboarding and settling in new clients. He now has almost five years of experience, despite being only 22 years old, and is one of our most technically proficient employees.

Ocean-Lee Parker started her apprenticeship with us in March 2019, also on a Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration, completing her studies in September 2020. We employed her as a full time Client Accounts Administrator and she is now mentoring our new apprentices.

The Business Administration course gives them a fantastic grounding in business principles, presentation, project management, customer relations, communication and IT. With our own internal training running in conjunction with the course, as well as on the job experience, by the time they complete the apprenticeship they are competent and confident staff members ready to take on responsibility and sometimes seniority on the team.

To encourage businesses to take on apprentices there are Government grants available and the recently launched Kickstart Scheme for example provides funding for employers to create new six-month job placements for young adults aged 16 to 24.

Sadly, employers are cutting hundreds of thousands of jobs as the coronavirus crisis continues to devastate the UK economy. Young adults have been the hardest hit. The unemployment rate among young people is at 14.6 per cent, far higher than the overall rate of 4.8 per cent, according to a recent story on BBC News.

We believe the lettings industry would be the perfect home for apprentices. It’s an exciting industry with the opportunity to progress up the ranks.

It takes time to train up any new employee, but hiring apprentices gives business leaders an opportunity to train the employees of the future. We’re also learning a lot from our apprentices and they have brought their personalities, fresh perspectives and a new dynamic to the team.

We found our fantastic new recruits through Greater Brighton Metropolitan College and we’re so happy they have joined us.

Here’s what our newest apprentices had to say about working at The Letting Partnership so far: 

“On my first day I was nervous and excited but was made to feel really welcome by all of my colleagues. I am really enjoying my apprenticeship and I have been made to feel part of the team from my first day.”

Jake Collins

“As I became more confident in my role I started to work more independently. I found that when I was in need of help, somebody was always willing to assist. We work as a team and that is something which really brings this company together. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for The Letting Partnership as we’re a strong company.”

Millie Draper

“All staff members are very passionate and dedicated to ensuring all clients get the best customer service possible. This has a positive impact and keeps us really motivated. I am feeling very positive about my career and am excited to see my progress over the course of this apprenticeship.”

Chloe Smith



Their kind words about their experience of working with us and the fact that they feel positive and excited about the future means a great deal to us. Now we urge you to make a difference in young people’s lives too.

For more information about hiring apprentices from Greater Brighton Metropolitan College visit: https://www.gbmc.ac.uk/employers/employ-an-apprentice



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